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World Financial Group - Bill Boone
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Financial Services Maricopa, AZ

Welcome to World Financial Group - Bill Boone

Having trouble with finances? Looking to save more money for the future? Or maybe you'd like more information and guidance on investments? At World Financial Group - Bill Boone, we provide an array of financial services in Maricopa, AZ, that will demystify finances and help you build wealth. Whether you need life insurance, annuity, 401k rollover, financial planning, and more, we're ready and able to serve you.

Life insurance

Our highly-skilled WFG associates can offer you a variety of life insurance policies to help meet your financial goals. Some policies feature premiums that remain constant for the life of the policy. Cash value policies allow you to access the policy value once it is sufficient through policy loans or withdrawals.

In cases where your needs match, we also offer variable universal life insurance policies which combine permanent life insurance with investment options. The policy owner may direct net premiums to a variety of investment options to match his/her investment objectives. These account options have the potential to build cash value over time, but the return and investment value can be flexible.

Our goal is to fully understand your current situation and educate you on the entire life insurance process so that you can actively choose the policy that’s best for you.

Speak to your licensed WFG associate who can help you determine which type of life insurance you need and the optimal coverage level.

Financial planning and more

When it comes to planning for your future, there is no better time than the present. Our goal is to help you reach your financial goals, build your wealth, and plan for your future. We assist clients with building a wealth plan focused on reducing debt, saving money, and protecting everything valuable to you and your family. 
Additionally, we provide custom products and services that deliver solutions to your unique needs. There are no cookie-cutter "solutions" here - we work closely with you, so we can provide the answers you need. 
Lastly, we're a mobile business, so we are able to travel to meet you and discuss finances in the comfort of your home. 
Contact us at (650) 270-7123 today to schedule a consultation with our dedicated team.

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